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Our Clients Have

Increased their Revenue & Profits
Access To A Wider Customer Base
Turned Their Businesses Into A Global Footprint
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Most of our clients experienced one of these challenges before working with us.

1. Finding new potential buyers

2. Determining which markets are best for their products.

3. Understanding Legalities For Each Market

You Deserve To Be A Global Brand.

The world is a global village and we are at the center of it, connecting products and customers in different parts of the globe with a comprehensive yet bespoke client-orientated import/export marketing & distribution service offering predicated on efficiency and unsurpassed professionalism, our standards are the peak of quality assurance and excellence.

Our approach.

Our approach connects your products to key selling areas such as trade shows, expos, regional sales events, social media, and eCommerce. We target specific consumer profiles to ensure that your product is entering strategic store locations.

Timelines and accurate projects are developed to spur sales growth, and our promotional plans produce results in each diverse channel we touch.

Tshepo Maluleke

Founder, CEO

Here's how we can help you to access international markets.

1. Schedule a free strategy call

Share your goals and the roadblocks that are in your way.

Import Export Trade house

2. Access a team of experts

Discover which markets your products are best suited for.

International Importer

3.export your products to new markets

Achieve growth in sales internationally.

Our expertise.

Import Export Agent

Import/Export Marketing & Distribution

Realizing the need for manufacturer’s world over to reach their full potential by exploiting foreign markets coupled with the group’s expertise, networks and in-depth knowledge of the market it operates provides a competitive advantage for our clientele, helping them achieve a broader market base and international recognition.

Customs Agent South Africa

Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding

We fully understand the vital role logistics plays for our customers in their overall strategic route to market. Our aim is to help our customers deliver outstanding service and bottom line results through our bespoke Customs, Transport & logistics solutions.

Petroleum Wholesaling

We’re passionate about providing high quality Petroleum products and services  – whatever your fuel & lubricant needs are, our supply partnership with leading refineries ensures continuity and security of supply and demonstrates superior product quality.

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